Charles Oakley recently visited “Good Morning America” and revealed that he’s still in court to try to retire his jersey and regain entry into Madison Square Garden.

Oakley is a New York Knicks legend who played for the organization for 10 years, but as he explains in his new book, “The Last Enforcer,” for some reason the Knicks organization has it out for him, specifically the owner James Dolan.

In 2017, while attending a Knicks home game, Oakley was approached by security and asked to leave the arena.

Charles refused to leave and at one point, he shoved a security guard.

He was ultimately kicked out of the arena and arrested that night.

Charles hasn’t been back in Madison Square Garden since.

Watch the videos below:

Oakley said he didn’t do anything wrong the night he was kicked out of the Garden. he doesn’t know why the organization seems to have a vendetta against him.

Prior to being kicked out of Madison Square Garden in 2017, Oakley said he had knowledge that James Dolan requested to be informed every time he entered the building.

Watch the video below of Charles Oakley explaining what happened the night he got kicked out of Madison Square Garden:

Oakley is not about the BS on or off the court, which is a character trait that represents the title of his new book, “The Last Enforcer”, very well.

Hopefully, Oakley and the Knicks organization can come to a compromise that allows his jersey to be retired and allow him to re-attend Knicks games.