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‘Land’ Review

Loss can be unbearable. Whether it be loss of a pet, loss of a family member, or financial loss, the amount of pain caused affects one’s mind and body in adverse ways. Processing and dealing with loss are different for the individuals affected by it, but no matter how strong the person thinks he or she is, a stronger, loving support system provides the best recovery.

In the new movie “Land”, Robin Wright abandons support and chooses to go at it alone, no matter the consequences. Will her decisions land with audiences?

In her feature directorial debut, Robin Wright also stars in “Land”. As Edee, she buys land in the wilderness of Wyoming and completely isolates herself from the rest of the world. With extremely limited (meaning none) hunting and trapping skills, it becomes apparent that maybe, juuuuust maybe, Edee didn’t think this life-altering move through.

We begin to learn via flashbacks why Edee may have chosen to become a hermit, but without any survivalist knowledge, the frigid winter and dearth of food begin to take their toll on her, and Edee faces certain death.

Needing a hug is an understatement, and that’s where local hunter Miguel, played by Demian Bichir comes in. The two share a kindred spirit, and their performances connect in such a way where the audience connects with them. There is little dialogue in “Land,” but less is more in this case. The story is told through physical acting and amazing editing. The vast, lush forests and dazzling cinematography accentuate Wright’s directing acumen. This is truly a nature lover’s dream, one of the best landscapes you’ll see. 

There are movies and there are films. Movies are the big-budget, heavily promoted fiascos with A-list superstars and grandiose plots. Films are the ones such as “Land”, a quaint, detail-oriented voyage rich in realness and emotion.

It is a story about devastating loss but having the courage to pick up the pieces and letting someone in to assist. I wish Wright would have told us more of how Edee knew about and acquired the land since the film is titled “Land”, but it doesn’t affect the overall essence of the tale.

This flick has an indie feel so if you’re of that genre, have fun. I’m giving “Land” a Morning/Midday Co-sign. For a first-time director, Robin Wright sticks the landing. 

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Land” opens in theaters on February 12.

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