A Central Islip woman and her boyfriend were arrested and charged with child endangerment after they abandoned her 6-year-old daughter at a busy intersection in Queens.

Emma was rescued by Mishka Peart, who spotted the child at the intersection wearing a surgical mask and holding her clothes in disposable bags.

Mishka called the child over to her and asked Emma where her parents were.

She responded, “I don’t know. They drove off and left me.”

Mishka Peart, put Emma in her car and drove to Montbellier Park where she found a school safety agent. She told them what happened and they called the police.

Emma’s mother, Patrice Chambers, 29, and Chambers’ boyfriend, Mark Pamphile, 28, were arrested and charged with child endangerment.

Surveillance video shows they dropped off Emma at the intersection around 11:30 a.m.

Watch the news report below.

Thank God for Mishka!

Emma deserves so much better.

Source: NY Daily News

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