Mo’Nique called Tyler Perry up, as she puts it, on the “Turnt Out with TS Madison” show on how he got her blackballed in Hollywood after she did the movie Precious.

According to Mo’Nique, she did the movie Precious for Lee Daniels for $50k as an independent film, and he told her she would get 5% of the film.

Once the film went to the Sundance Film Festival, it got so much praise that Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey got involved and became executive producers.

Mo’Nique said when it came time to do festivals and campaign for the Oscar, she had a lot going on at the time and she was not going to make Hollywood the priority.

So when it came time for the campaigning of this award, for the Oscar.

And when it came time to go to different festivals and promote this movie.

But you’re really campaigning for the awards.

Well I was in a position, I had the “Mo’Nique Show,” I was doing “The Queens Of Comedy Tour,” I had little babies, and my third husband.

So what I was not going to do was make Hollywood the priority.

I’ve already done the movie. I don’t need to campaign for you now to say ‘I want this trophy.’

I’ve done the movie, I’ve done my part.

She said Oprah called her and offered to send her a private jet so she could attend one of the festivals.

And  I said Sis, I’m in the bed with my man and my babies eating chips watching “Curious George.”

Tell them I said I appreciate it and I love them, but I’m not going to be able to make that one.

She said about 10 minutes later she got a call from Lee Daniels and he said, “I told that b**ch you didn’t care about this.”

Mo’Nique said it wasn’t that she didn’t care about it, but she felt like she had already done her part.

When the Hoodie Awards came up she said she had a meeting with Tyler Perry, with her security present.

And Tyler told her:

Listen, you may want to campaign for this because if you get nominated your next film will be three to five million dollars. If you win it your next film is five to eight million dollars.

She said she didn’t believe the figures that Tyler was throwing out, and she told him she can’t do a song and dance because she only has a contract with Lee Daniels, which she fulfilled.

Mo’Nique said she told Tyler she cannot work for free, and he responded:

Well, I think outside the box, and I’m not scared of them white boys. So, you know, I’m just trying to tell you for your own good.

She didn’t understand his logic because she felt like he was contradicting himself by telling her to do something that she wasn’t contractually obligated to do.

Mo’Nique said when she found out Tyler Perry was telling other directors that she was difficult to work with Oprah Winfrey remained silent because she agreed with the position she and her husband had taken.

When they knew that I was not going to be the actress or be the one to say because it’s them I gotta do it.

No, I don’t care who it is! That’s not fair for you to want me to work for free just because it’s you.

So now here comes the blackball.

Now here comes she’s difficult to work with. Her and her husband they are difficult, they are these difficult people.

So now nobodies going to touch MoNique because… Oprah Winfrey said nothing!

Though there was a conversation that she had with my husband, and she agreed with the position that was being taken.

So when it hit that I was difficult she stayed quiet and said nothing.

When we find out that Tyler Perry has actually told another director name David Talbert how difficult I was to work with.

And David Talbert told Tyler Perry, ‘He said MoNique was a joy, like I didn’t have any problem… Yeah, well she was really difficult to work with when we worked with her.’

Well, Tyler Perry you never worked with me… We never worked together. 

When we did Precious, you came on when we said cut, that’s a wrap, and it’s over.

So now we sit in that, and that’s been a decade.

And Tyler Perry called my husband and I, and we recorded that conversation.

And Tyler Perry in that conversation says, ‘What I did to you was wrong.’

TS Madison verified that she heard that conversation.

Mo’Nique said that Kevin Hart and Al Sharpton also heard the conversation and they called Tyler Perry and he told them he didn’t want to revisit it.

She said it wasn’t until she was on the phone with a mutual friend who Tyler also told he didn’t want to revisit the incident, but he called her back while Monique was on the other line and said:

I will met with Mo’Nique, but not with her husband. And then she has to apologize to me and Oprah Winfrey for saying that we had anything to do with ruining her career.

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Mo’Nique took to social media with another message for Tyler Perry:

@tylerperry eventually the people will see, listen and do something about you not keeping your word. I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE.



See her original post below.

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