Monica Lewinsky recently revealed on David Axelrod’s podcast that she contemplated suicide during the Bill Clinton scandal.

David Axelrod was the chief strategist for Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns, and he currently works for CNN.

Monica said on the podcast, during the time of the scandal her mental state was wobbly, but she still loved the President.

She was afraid of what the news going public would do to her family’s name, and she couldn’t see a way out.

She went as far as asking the OIC lawyers what would happen if she dies.

In reflection, Monica doesn’t understand why there wasn’t protocol to bring a psychologist in to help her.

She referenced her Ted talk where she revealed the night the news broke she was so distraught that her mom made her shower with the door open.

She said there was a couple of times throughout the investigation where she had suicidal ideations, and she credits her forensic psychiatrist for helping her make it through.

Listen to the audio below:

Monica is a producer on the current “American Crime Story” series “Impeachment” on FX, which focuses on the Clinton scandal.

Monica Lewinsky says she doesn’t have any resentment from the scandal, but she feels Bill Clinton should “want to apologize.”

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Source: TMZ