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Missy Elliott Reveals The Real Meaning Behind Tweet’s Song ‘Oops (Oh My)’

Missy Elliott recently corrected a fan on social media about the real inspiration behind Tweet’s hit song “Oops (Oh My)”.

For nearly two decades people thought the hit single was about Tweet engaging in some solo “self-love,” but it appears that’s not the case.

Missy revealed the song is actually about Tweet appreciating her dark skin when she looked in the mirror.

Scoop Missy’s response to the fan below:

Back in September, Tweet confirmed to ESSENCE that many people got the meaning of the song wrong over the years, but she just let them run with it.

A lot of people would have thought, well, they thought it was about something else. But I give people freedom to think and create whatever definition they want. But for me, the song meant self-love and appreciation.

Tweet also revealed she was inspired to write the song after watching a talk show.

I remember watching a show — I think it was Oprah, Donahue or Sally Jesse whoever… And the doctor on there talked about everyone in life needs to get in front of the camera or the mirror and love everything about themselves without wanting to change anything. That’s where that song comes from.

What did you think Tweet’s song “Oops (Oh My)” was about?

Source: Essence

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