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Takeoff of the Migos was been accused of raping a woman at a party in June. 

The lawsuit was filed by Jane Doe in Superior Court of California on Wednesday accuses Takeoff, real name Kirshnik Khari Bell, of sexual battery, assault, false imprisonment and gender violence.

Via Variety:

The filing contends the assault took place around 2 a.m. on June 23 in the Encino area. According to the timeline set out, the alleged victim arrived at a home on Estrondo Drive at 7 p.m. earlier that night, having been invited by her friend, Daryl McPherson, aka DJ Durel, Migos’ DJ. At some point, by her account, she noticed a gun laying out openly on a table, even as Takeoff was making unwanted advances. When she told Durel that she was uncomfortable with Takeoff refusing to back off, the two Migos members began arguing on a stairway, the timeline says.

Roughly seven hours after her arrival, the plaintiff said, she then left the two Migos members arguing and proceeded upstairs to a bedroom to rest. She was followed soon after by Takeoff, who — the suit alleges — flipped her over and “proceeded to have forceful sexual intercourse with Plaintiff from behind, without Plaintiff’s consent. After Defendant Takeoff finished raping Plaintiff, he immediately left the room.”

Following the alleged assault, the victim went to the hospital at some point that day “where hospital staff observed physical evidence of forceful rape and notified the Los Angeles Police Department of the same.”

In a statement, attorney Neama Rahmani said, “Our client is in shock and fears retaliation from speaking out,”

I don’t know why Takeoff hasn’t been arrested or charged yet.  That is a question for LAPD and the LA County DA’s Office. The delay is uncommon in my experience as a former prosecutor, especially when you have a rape victim who made an immediate report of the sexual assault and is ready and willing to cooperate with law enforcement. We decided to file the civil lawsuit now with the hope that witnesses will come forward and that we uncover additional evidence to support our claims, and that the media attention will motivate LAPD to pursue the investigation more aggressively.

Takeoff is now trending on social media as folks react to the lawsuit and accusations.


Takeoff has not addressed the allegations publicly.

Source: Variety

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