Atlanta woman Michelle Morrison was released from prison on Monday (August 22) after serving 13 years of a life sentence for a murder she didn’t commit.

Her mother, Cynthia Holland, anxiously stood outside of the Fulton County prison, waiting to see her daughter walk out those doors.

Cynthia jumped for joy as her daughter approached her and hugged her.

Michelle said she feels great, and she’s ready to hit the world.

It feels great, it feels amazing. 

Words can’t even explain how I feel. 

I’m just grateful. I made it through, came out strong and I am ready to hit the world.

Michelle was arrested in 2007 because she drove the getaway car for an armed robbery that turned into a shootout that left one person dead.

She was offered a plea deal of five years for attempted armed robbery, but her current attorney said she did not understand the offer and went to trial where she was ultimately convicted of felony murder.

Michelle was sentenced to life in prison even though she didn’t enter the home where the murder occurred.

Her conviction was overturned by a unit that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis started known as the conviction integrity unit.

The unit reviews the integrity of past convictions and intercedes in cases like Michelle’s.

Michelle’s current attorney, Janis Mann, is elated that the conviction got overturned.

To have that conviction overturned, it’s huge, that’s Georgia history.

Mass incarceration is a huge problem in Georgia. And to fix it, we have to learn to work together.

Michelle’s mother, Cynthia, advocated for years for the conviction integrity unit, and she helped dozens of other families advocate for their loved ones in prison.

Cynthia said the fight for her daughter’s release kept her alive.

The fight has kept me alive, I turned my pain into passion and my passion into purpose.

Michelle said while she was locked up, she learned to love herself and to know her value and self-worth.

I learned to love me. 

And to know my value and self-worth, to make better choices. 

I think I am phenomenal now.

Michelle is currently enrolled in a master’s program, and she has a job lined up.

Watch the Atlanta 11 Alive news report below about Michelle Morrison’s release:

We wish Michelle Morrison all the best in her future endeavors.

Source: Atlanta 11 Alive