Michael Rainey Jr., Tylil James (YouTube)

Michael Rainey Jr. was trending on social media after video of him being groped during a live stream went viral.

The “Power Book II: Ghost” star was a guest on Tylil James’ live stream when the streamer’s little sister began to aggressively and inappropriately touch the actor.

Michael appeared to be in complete shock as he tried his best to maintain his composure and stop Tylil’s sister from grabbing his private parts.

Understandably, Michael Rainey Jr. abruptly left the live stream 20 minutes later and Tylil had the nerve to act as if he was offended that Michael left.

Tylil James began making – what felt like – excuses for his little sister’s behavior…

She never seen somebody that caliber so she start… That’s my sister so I’m not gonna say nothing bad about her.

I’m gonna just check her. You ain’t gotta be on that.

We all the same. We all human. Nothing ever got me more mad than this.

Watch the clip below of the incident and Tylil’s response to it below.

On Monday (June 10), Tylil James brought some different energy to the table as he issued a formal apology to Michael Rainey Jr. and condemned his sister’s actions. 

Tylil James also said his sister has been banned from participating in future live streams.

What happened to Michael has sparked outrage and an online discussion about men being victims of sexual assault. 

Read a few Twitter reactions below.

Update: Michael Rainey Jr. released the following statement via his Instagram Story.


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