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Michael Che is getting dragged in the streets of Twitter like a Raggedy Andy doll after he reposted several crass jokes about Simone Biles on his Instagram Story.

The “SNL” star and comedian kicked off the foolishness by posting “man, I wanna make fun of simone biles,” on his IG Story.

He basically opened the door for others to do it for him. He reposted many of them adding his own commentary and/or rating the joke.

What’s wild disgusting is the fact that Michael shared jokes folks made about Simone being sexually assaulted by her former gymnastics team doctor, Larry Nassar.

See a few of the jokes below courtesy of Baller Alert.

The backlash was swift and forceful.

Peep the tweets below.

Michael Che has completely wiped his Instagram page clean except for one post.

This one…

He’s on his IG Story making light of the backlash as I type this post.

Your thoughts?