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Method Man Talks Life At 50, Fitness, & Marriage On ‘Red Table Talk’

Method Man joined Jada Pinkett Smith‘s 50th birthday celebration by being a surprise guest on “Red Table Talk.”

The Wu-Tang Clan rapper and “Power Book II: Ghost” star celebrated his 50th birthday earlier this year (March 2) and he looks absolutely amazing!

Speaking with the ladies of “Red Table Talk,” Meth shared his ah-hah moment when it came to taking care of his body.

They say maturity and growth is when you look in the mirror and you get tired of your own BS. 

As soon as I hit 40, I was like, ‘What are you doing?’

Things weren’t going according to the way that I felt they should. 

After going overseas the same year about the fifth time because the money here was drying up for 90s artists.

I said, ‘What else is there for me to do? What else can I do for myself?’

I decided to take things one step at a time. What can I improve? What am I in control of first?  

Well, I’m in control of my body. Let’s do that.

When Gammy asked about his marriage, Meth said he and his wife, Tamika, have been together for 29 years and they tied the knot in 2001.

When the ladies said marriage is work, Method Man joked, “I’m a handful.”

Watch Jada Pinkett Smith’s full 50th birthday celebration on “Red Table Talk” and skip to the 32:00 mark for Meth’s surprise appearance.

Happiest Birthday, Jada!

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