Miami’s Mercy Hospital is getting a huge side-eye for the way they celebrated a longtime employee who retired.

Danny, who worked at “The Grill” for 45 years of his life, was expecting a “big bonus” to send him off, but they renamed the restaurant “Danny’s Grill” in his honor.

They also gave him tickets to a Miami Dolphins game.

In the video, Danny fell to his knees and started crying in what onlookers perceived to be tears of joy, but I believe they were tears of disappointment and frustration.

Earlier in the presentation, when the presenter mentioned the balloons weren’t supposed to get there until “today” Danny actually said, “I got a bonus, I got a big bonus!”

Now, either Danny really likes balloons or he thought he was about to get broken off with some cash.

They didn’t have to do my boy Danny like that.

Watch the video below (swipe):

Scoop some comments below:

This how Mercy Hospital get down after their workers put in 45 years?…

Perhaps Danny will get some type of financial benefit for his namesake, but the presenter didn’t mention it.

Your thoughts?

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