Menudo Forever Young Key Art - HBO Max

HBO Max has released the official trailer for “Menudo: Forever Young” documentary series.

About The Series: 

Menudo: Forever Young” chronicles the rise and fall of the most iconic Latin American boy band in history. 

Fans get a closer look at the glitz and glamor of their favorite teen idols’ ‘80s outfits, world tours, magazine covers, and screaming fangirls. 

But, through interviews with ex-Menudo members and others, they also see how this extravagant facade may have covered up a web of alleged abuse and exploitation. 

Premiere Date: 

June 23, 2022

Watch The Trailer: 

Listen! I had it bad – real bad – Michael Jackson for these boys when I was a young girl!

I will be front and center for this documentary series. 

How about you?