Melody Holt took to the streets of social media on Monday and declared “World War TEN” on her ex-husband, Martell Holt, for continually disrespecting her.

Mel was livid when Martell posted a photo of himself and their baby girl, Malani, on her first day of school.

In the caption of the photo Martell mentioned how he is always there on his kids first day of school. He also noted, “4 down and 1 to go!”

The “1 to go” is the child he fathered outside of their marriage with another woman.

See the photo below:

Ironically, Malani is looking at her dad like she knows he’s about to catch all the smoke from her mama.

Melody Holt saw the photo, read the caption, and snapped!

She took to social media and posted the following message:

And the disrespect CONTINUES so let World War TEN begin!

When you wanna admit to the world that you fathers a child while you’re married DO NOT have my child sitting on your lap. You have NO COUTH! Announce that sh*t with your own photo shoot with ya new baby. Y’all better pray for me today because God knows, I’m sooo over the disrespect.

See the post below:

Melody Holt blasts Martell Holt

Oh, but Melody Holt wasn’t done with Martell!

The caption on the photo above read:

Announce your affair born child on your own TIME, NOT with my daughter (you know the one who you refused to help with after I had her, the one you refused to see on her first birthday, the one you got NOTHING for for Christmas)?? Photo shoots ain’t expensive. Hell have your own photo shoot with that child and its mother to make your announcement unless you ashamed. Yeah I know our family shoots used to be BOMB!

I really try to stay on my grind and mind my own damn business, but LADIES & WIVES, for a person to continue to let ONE of their many mistresses blatantly disrespect you and then to think he can slap you in the face too…and claim to do all he can for his kids, but where’s my $17k, why am I keeping utilities on at HIS house because my kids are there at times, and the school you dropping her off at, I PAID for that….it’s just a NO & ENOUGH fa me with the putting on! Like I said, World War TEN. You ain’t even sat down and told your children conceived in marriage that you have an outside child, but you gone confirm it on the net? Holding my youngest child? GTFOH. Stop with the clown moves.

And let me be clear Melometers, please don’t take this as I’m mad that he FINALLY acknowledged his other child because I’m not. But I’m upset that he did it and of course getting negative comments under a picture with MY child in his lap. Don’t use my DAUGHTER as a photo-op to come out and acknowledge your affair born child.

P.S. There’s no need to be waiting on me because this package doesn’t have a return address. So Ain’t no coming back. Ain’t no us moving away to get away from it all. Ain’t no I’ll just pay child support to the one. None of that.

She has since deleted the post.

I thought Martell Holt confirmed his mistress was pregnant on more than one episode of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.”

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What are your thoughts on this?

Do you think Martell was wrong and/or disrespectful for acknowledging all of his children in the post with Malani?