Mel B plays the role of a woman in an abusive relationship in a new video, and according to her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte their 9-year-old daughter, Madison, is traumatized by the visual.

Stephen said Madison came across the video online, and after she watched it she was upset and started crying.

He claims she was so distraught that she told him that she doesn’t want to travel to be with her mother this summer.

Mel B and Stephen are in a custody battle over Madison, and Stephen is using this circumstance to his advantage.

The video is called “Love Should Not Hurt,” by classical composer Fabio D’Andrea, and it was made to raise domestic violence awareness.

Watch the video below:

Stephen tried to use the video to block Mel’s travel request for Madison to travel by herself through a Lufthansa program, but Mel’s request was approved by the courts.

Eventhough the travel request was approved, Stephen claims Madison still doesn’t want to travel to see her mother.

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