After debuting the single at Coachella, Megan Thee Stallion is kicking off the weekend with the official release of “Plan B.”

The single features the Grammy Award-winning rapper spitting venom over the instrumental of the classic Jodeci track, “Freek’N You.” 

Megan opens up the verse rapping:

Dear f**k n***a, still can't believe I used to f**k wit' ya
Poppin' Plan B's 'cause I ain't planned to be stuck wit' ya
Damn, I see you still kick it with them opp b**ches 
I'm the only reason that your goofy ass got b**ches
All them hoes wanna look like me 
B**ch most likely, only f**kin' you just to spite me 
But please don't get it twisted, I ain't trippin'
I never put my faith in a n***a, b**ch, I'ma die independent 

Listen to “Plan B” below.

Who do you think inspired this new tune from Megan Thee Stallion?