Megan Thee Stallion via Instagram

Megan Thee Stallion went Live on Instagram on Wednesday and aired out her ex-boyfriend Pardison Fontaine, her alleged shooter Tory Lanez, and her ex-bestie, Kelsey Harris

The Hot Girl Coach was visibly annoyed as she took to Al Gore’s internet to address all of the nonsense and chatter about her online. 

Let’s begin with Pardi, who recently discussed his breakup with Meg during an appearance on “The Breakfast Club.” 

The rapper and songwriter said his relationship with Megan ended for a “laundry list of reasons.” 

He went on to say that he wishes her well and he would never talk bad about her.

Watch below.

But, that wasn’t the case when he released his diss song, “Thee Person.” 

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Pardison Fontaine said he released the song because he “wanted to give some context” to Megan Thee Stallion claiming he cheated on her in her new single, “Cobra.”

Sadly, his context fell short because he couldn’t answer one question with a straight answer. 

Watch below. 

In her Instagram Live, Megan Thee Stallion asked, “If this man is saying, ‘I didn’t cheat on her. I didn’t do that.’ Then, why TF is you responding to me?” 

If you say it wasn’t true, then why the hell are dissing me,” she added.

Watch Megan’s response to Pardi below. 

Megan Thee Stallion also addressed the latest development in Tory Lanez’s fight for an appeal. 

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