MC Lyte addresses divorce reports and rumors
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MC Lyte took to social media to address false reports regarding her divorce from her ex-husband, John Wyche.

The legendary emcee and actress met the entrepreneur on and the two fell madly in love and tied the knot in 2017 in Jamaica. 

Three years later, MC Lyte, whose real name is Lana Michelle Moorer, filed for divorce from John Wyche and cited “irreconcilable differences” for the demise of their union. 

Nearly, three years later, the divorce has not been finalized. 

Lyte previously stated the divorce was delayed due to John refusing to sign the papers. 

Recent reports on various outlets claim the former couple is now battling it out over everything from assets to her royalties. 

In a lengthy statement released on her Instagram page, MC Lyte addresses many of the false reports regarding her ex-husband in the media and sets the record straight regarding her divorce. 

She posted a text image that read, “My divorce was not a battle.”

Read her full statement below. 

My divorce was not a battle. My ex-husband, John Wyche, has never attempted to take any assets from me at any time before, during or after our marriage. Anything that is written or said that states or implies otherwise is untrue and unfair. I do not agree with or support anything that aims to secure clicks and views by crafting slanted messaging at the expense of the reputation of innocent parties.

While I made public comments related to the delay in signing papers, I can state that any delay may have been connected to his desire to save the relationship; never to take any of my property.

Since this matter appears to be of concern to so many, I will use this moment to share a few lessons:

1. Divorce does not equal failure. We did not fail; it simply did not work. I pray for his well-being as I do my own and I wish him nothing but God’s choicest blessings.

2. If you have anything to protect going into a marriage, get a prenuptial agreement so there’s no confusion if it comes to an end. As a matter of fact, make sure you protect all of your assets with proper insurance, financial and estate planning. Our people are far behind the wealth gap; get a financial education and do what is in your power to protect what God has blessed you with.

3. Focus on love and truth. Be careful what you say or imply about others. No one is perfect and we all have something that we need grace to cover. With all of the mental health crises we are facing as a human race, my prayer is that we will see more commonalities of heart among each other and less judgment.


See MC Lyte’s original post below. 

Many of Lyte’s celebrity friends left words of support in the comment section. 

Read a few of their comments below.

Teddy Riley: “Very Classy my dear!! Well said!!!! 🙏🏾❤️”

Lil Mama: “Thank You for Using Your Voice To protect Truth🔥✈️💜 We Don’t Have To Be WIth Someone To Give Them The Love & Respect They Deserve 🫡💯💜💜”

Wendy Raquel Robinson: “And THAT said it ALL! ❤️ praying and loving you always in ALL WAYS! My sis…and sister💙💛🙏🏽”

Fat Joe: “Lyte we don’t care about what these people say… WE LOVE YOU ❤️”

2023 is already looking bright as the emcee took to social media to debut her new boo. 

Lyte shared a photo of her and her new man with the caption, “This is Winning. 2023. . . I’m ready.”

I wish her all of the love and happiness her heart desires. 

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