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Maxwell Sends A Very Special Happy Birthday Message To His Idol Harry Belafonte (Video)

Maxwell recently took to his Instagram account to send a very special message to his idol and life coach Mr. Harry Belafonte, who is celebrating his 94th birthday today.

HBD mr harry belafonte •♓️•

happy birthday celebration so happy to sing a song for you my idol my reason to live thrive and take action with peace love and respect • ???????? •

Maxwell tells a story about when he was 7-years-old and a teacher told him that he reminds him of a young Harry Belafonte and from then on he was obsessed and inspired by Mr. Belafonte.

This is an amazing example of a black man expressing his love, respect, and admiration for another black man, and giving him his roses while he can smell them.

Watch the Instagram video below:


Happy 94th Birthday Mr. Harry Belafonte and may God continue to bless you.

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