For the first time ever, Master P opened up about the tragic passing of his daughter, Tytyana Miller, who died after a fatal drug overdose. 

In an interview with Gayle King on “CBS Mornings,” the No Limit mogul revealed he learned about Tytyana’s death after receiving a phone call from his other daughter. 

“It was the worst call that a parent can get,” he said. 

Master P said Tytyana was “getting better” and that she had just got out of rehab and “she was on the right track.”

He shared that she was optimistic, she was hopeful, and she was writing a book before her untimely passing. 

“My daughter had a lot of life left in her. She was a happy woman that knew that tomorrow she could do something better,” he shared.

After Tatyana’s passing, Master P said he had a meeting with his family and asked his children, “What am I doing wrong?”

He said that some of them told him he can be “controlling,” which caused him to do some self-examination and he determined he has set parameters for his children in an effort to protect them. 

The mogul also shared why his son, Romeo Miller, is his hero.

After extending his sincerest condolences to any other parent who may have shared the same tragic experience he has, Master P vowed to turn his pain into a passion.

“I’m going to turn my pain into passion and I’m going to turn it into purpose because I can’t get my daughter back.”

He continued, “I love her. I think about her every day. It took me and my family to go through something that I can’t stop thinking about, but I realize I have to get out here to help and save other kids.”

Watch the interview below.

My sincerest prayers to Master P and his family – as well all of the families who know the pain of losing a loved one to substance abuse.