You can’t knock Master P’s hustle! He gave us Rap Snacks, he gave us Rap Noodles, and now he’s giving us Hoody Hoos cereal.

See Instagram post below:

The Hoody Hoo! brand gets it’s name from TRU’s 1998 single, “Hoody Hoo.”

From my understanding, Outkast originated the adlib “Hootie Hoo!” It was actually track number 15 off of Outkast’s first studio album, Southernplayalisticcadillacmuzik… I’m just saying!

Master P also had a few commercials on his Instagram page to promote Hoody Hoos.

Watch below:

Master P vowed to replace “racist” food brands Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben’s after the police killing of George Floyd in May.

Percy wants Louisiana Seasoned to be the go-to for rice, pancake mix, syrup, beans, grits, and oatmeal.

Uncle Ben was a model,” Master P told HipHopDX in August.

They paid him $50, and I don’t think he even know, his relatives now, that this guy was paid $50, and this is a multi-billion dollar business now. Even Aunt Jemima, they was taking her around, she got paid $5 in 1889, and relatives did not get residuals from this.

And that’s the thing that made me say, ‘We have to educate our culture.’ Now if we’re going to fight this injustice, it starts with economic empowerment because if we don’t own anything… And I’m telling my people, ‘Stop burning the blocks down, and let’s go buy the blocks back.’ So we have to be educated on financial literacy to do that.

Master P went on to say:

So we are protesting, we’re together in unity. Blacks, Whites, everybody’s coming together. Latinos, Asians, I mean when you look out there and see these protests, it’s not just all Black people anymore. So I mean, Martin Luther King paved the way. This generation is really going hard, and we’re committed. I’m committed to the whole economic empowerment of our people and our culture. I think that’s important.

Master P is trying to corner the market on everything and I’m definitely with him on the financial literacy tip.

We wish Master P the best in all his current and future endeavors.

Look out for them Hoody Hoos at a grocery store near you!

Source: HipHopDX