Master P addresses messy bloggers

Master P took to the streets of social media on Saturday and called out blogs for messy posts about his family.

The music mogul was called out by his eldest son, Romeo Miller, after he posted a tribute to Stephen “tWitch” Boss

Romeo took to his Instagram Story writing:

Today was a boiling point.

A seen a man avoid his own children struggle with suicide and depression but post another man whom passed today that he doesn’t even know.

Y’all idols be lost. Better stop following the blind.

Watch when it’s revealed ??‍♂️

The very next day, Master P shared a video of a woman singing “The devil is a liar” and many blogs assumed it was a response to Romeo and ran with it. 

Master P shared a video on Saturday where he addressed the reports head-on and pointed out how his accomplishments are often overlooked for the mess.

The messy bloggers at the @theshaderoom y’all are real people hiding behind computers, y’all have families too and no family is perfect, rich or poor.

I wouldn’t wish pain or tragedy on anyone’s family. So have some compassion and integrity.

Y’all took my Happy Friday post where the lady was singing “the devil is a lie” and made a twisted story out of it posting a picture of me, making it seem like I am calling someone a devil, which you guys are telling a lie, sparking other sights to grab false misleading stories spreading g lies and gossip.

The Shade Room never posted anything about when we went up against one of the biggest cereal companies in the world.

This is how you know that you are doing GOD’S work, when the devil tries to attack you through your family with miscommunication and lies.

It’s sad how bloggers in the media glorifies gossip and makes it news, when there are real issues going on in our society that needs more attention.

My family has been through a lot this year and we are still grieving over the loss of my daughter.

I am respectfully requesting that the media will give our family some privacy to work through some family issues.

This will be the only time I will speak on this matter. I’m a GOD-fearing man. I’ve never considered myself as an idol.

I am not perfect. I’ve made a lot of mistakes. People can slander my name and gossip about me. I can lose it all, start back over and still be happy.

My true passion and purpose is helping people. Everyday is a blessing.

The only thing I regret about my parenting, is that I tried to shield my children from pain or hardship when those consequences could have been learning experiences to help them be more humble and grounded.

I tried to give them a better life, protecting them from a hard life which probably spoiled some of them and produced an entitlement mentality.

All of my kids are grown now some of them have their own kids. I pray that their parenting skills will be better than mine.

Unforgiveness leads to bitterness and stops you from receiving greater blessings. I love my family unconditionally.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. Mental illness is real, it’s affecting so many families.

In an accompanying video, Master P also reminded everyone that his family isn’t perfect and they are still healing from the tragic loss of his daughter, Tytyana Miller, who died from a drug overdose earlier this year. 

See his original post and watch the video below.

In a second post, Master P referred to The Shade Room as “the devil.”

I pray that any issues between Romeo Miller and Master P are resolved and any cracks in the foundation of their family are healed.

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