Marlon Wayans recently revealed to Tiffany Haddish why she was never cast in any of the Wayans family films she auditioned for. 

The convo went down on the “Ellen Show,” where Tiffany was serving as guest host and Marlon was a guest on the show. 

Tiffany said:

I know we friends and I know you love me. I love you. You have helped me in so many different aspects in life, gave me some great advice. But this what I want to know. I have auditioned for so many of your movies, your family. Why do I never get cast?

Marlon, in full transparency, answered:

Me and my family always say you’re funny,” Marlon responded with a smile. “As producers, you hire and cast people. You were always funny, but you were always on 10. And sometimes you just be inappropriate.

It’s like a love scene, and you want to sit on the actor’s lap and fart and it’s like ‘no Tiffany,’ it’s not for this scene.’ So, it was maturation that [had to] hit you.

Marlon Wayans went on to share how he also had to mature.

It’s like, for me even, right now I feel like I’m ready. I’ve been preparing 30 years for what’s happening to me now. It all happens to you at a certain time when maturity and that stardom hits you. Never nothin’ personal. We love you. Always thought you was funny. Me and my family, we proud of you.

Watch the clip below:

One of the things I love most about Marlon Wayans is his kind heart even when he’s having a convo that could be a tad uncomfy.