Mariah The Scientist Tells How She Met & Started Dating Young Thug

Mariah The Scientist recently clarified how she met and started dating Young Thug on “Big Boy TV.”

Okay, Imma give you a timeline because I think a lot of people are confused, and I feel like, let me tell you.

2021, I met him in March of 2021. That’s when we met for the first time, face to face.

The first time we met he was like, ‘I want you.’

And, I was like, ‘Me?’

And he has, like, a stoic presence, which I really like about him, and I like to think that about myself, but… He definitely has, like, he’s very stoic.

And, um, I thought he had… I feel like everybody we were familiar with him being in a long-term relationship so I kind of, like, avoided it.

Cause I didn’t wanna… be that girl, you know what I mean?

So, but, this is what I always tell my friends, ‘Check his credentials when he saying he got something going on, or don’t got something going on.’

Check his credentials. Time will tell. So I waited it out a couple of months.

I waited it out for six months, and then we got in a relationship in October.

Six months, I just needed to see that he was, like… I was like a little more impulsive when I was younger, and I didn’t want to be, like… because I really did like him, and I didn’t want to like f**k it up!

Mariah The Scientist said that she noticed he was really tall when they first met.

She said she talks on the phone with him every day, and his mood is very jovial because he’s just a jovial person overall.

She said he’s very positive, and despite the judgements of the internet, she is very happy in her relationship with Thug, and the only thing missing is his physical presence.

Yeah, we talk everyday and all day. Which I’m really grateful for because a lot of people who are in jail they don’t get to do that.

…He’s like, just like, overall is a very jovial person, you know, he’s just like always like that.

He don’t really… It’s really not too much you can do to make him… You know, like, put him down.

He don’t really, like… He don’t give a damn bout none of that sh*t!

You know, he’s, like, positive.

…Yeah, and I feel like a lot of people are like… That’s why I say the internet can get really judgmental, and they can really assume certain things.

And it’s like, I’m actually very happy in my relationship. The only missing piece is his physical presence.

You know, but I feel like he is everything I wanted. He’s everything I didn’t know I wanted.

You know, and that’s just a fact.

Mariah said she originally pulled up on Thug because she wanted him to get on one of her songs, and when she met him he was just a good vibe and so nice.

She said he was moving slow on doing the song, and she kept pulling up to the studio so she began to think he was moving slow just to get her to keep coming around, but he told her that wasn’t it. 

Watch the clip of the Mariah The Scientist interview from “Big Boy TV” below:

Mariah directed the video of the song that she and Thug first collaborated on. Watch the “Walked In” video below:

Mariah The Scientist is also a very talented artist, and her new album, To Be Eaten Alive, comes out on October 27.

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