Macy Gray and her keyboardist Billy Wes were upset that the “Today” show wouldn’t allow them to show love for Brittney Griner during their performance.

Billy Wes arrived at the NBC Studio in New York Thursday morning (July 7) wearing a black tee-shirt with white letters that read, “FREE BRITNEY GRINER,” but he was not allowed to wear the shirt on air.

Billy Wes wearing Free Brittney Griner t-shirt

He said they made him turn the shirt inside out during the performance.

They made me turn it inside out.

They said I couldn’t wear it so I had to turn it inside out.

But y’all know what time it is… free Brittney!

Macy Gray said Brittney Griner’s situation is heartbreaking, and she hopes President Biden steps up and brings her home.

She said she made the “FREE BRITNEY GRINER” shirts (somebody should’ve told Macy that Brittney spells her name with two Ts), and they had planned to wear them on the show, but something happened.

We wanted to wear them on the show, and then they said no cause I guess something happened.

Watch a clip of Macy and Billy’s performance on the “Today” show below:

They did not allow Macy Gray to show support for Brittney, but they made sure to ask her about some remarks she made about the transgender community on “Piers Morgan Uncensored.”

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Source: TMZ