Machine Gun Kelly Releases UN_DN LAQR Nail Polish Line
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Machine Gun Kelly is entering the beauty industry with the release of his new unisex nail polish line, UN/DN LAQR.

According to the 31-year-old rapper-turned-rocker, his inspiration for the line is the Greek god of love. 

He told Allure:

Many of the men in Greek mythology were warriors or soldiers or gods who had used their strength, and then there was Cupid, who was poetic and beautiful.

I wonder what a world of Cupids [would] look like instead of just people falling into what they think we have to be as ‘men.’

The price point of the UN/DN LAQR collection ranges from $18 to $86 and the polishes feature names like: “Mary Jane” (a deep hunter green), “Depressionist” (black), “Nothing Matte(rs)” (a matte topcoat), “Writer’s Block” (gray), and “25 to Life” (a bright orange).

There are also neutrals, pastels, and bold brights available depending on your preference. 

The new polish line from Machine Gun Kelly will be available for purchase on December 2. 

Visit the official website for more scoop. 

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