Luka Mania is running rampant since Luka Doncic hit the game-winner against the #2 seed LA CLIPPERS last night in Game 4 of the NBA Bubble Playoffs, but are you bought in or do you have your doubts about Luka Doncic being the next BIG star in the NBA?

Luka received praise from Steph Curry, Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, Bradley Beal & CJ McCollum last night via social media after he made the game-winning shot.

Luka definitely has the respect of his peers, and with his heroics last night he is opening up the minds of naysayers, like myself.

As an ATLANTA HAWKS fan, I would always debate that we made the right decision trading Luka for Trae Young.

Even when Luka won rookie of the year Trae’s numbers were comparable, but with Luka’s performance in the Bubble Playoffs I must admit he is a lot better than I thought.

The stats that Luka is putting up are undeniable, but I do feel like a lot of people have become prisoners of the moment.

Richard Jefferson declares that Luka has multiple MVPs in his future, watch below:

Stephen A. Smith states that Luka is the best white boy he’s seen since Larry Bird, watch below:

Kenny Smith makes a great point about Luka having 3 months to get better and learn the system prior to the NBA restart, and Chuck compliments Luka’s mental makeup, watch below:

I remember a few years back when everyone was going crazy over Jeremy Lin.

Luka is definitely a lot better than Jeremy Lin, and his gameplay for a 21-year-old is incredible but everyone hasn’t bought in.

Shaq has his doubts about Luka, watch below:

Skip Bayless has not bought in, watch below:

Luka has taken the playoffs by storm with his gameplay, but what happens when the Luka Magic fades and the CLIPPERS win the series?

Will the Luka-Maniacs be left with the memory of the step-back 3 he took in Game 4 to win the game?

Or will Luka comeback even better next season and lead his team to the NBA Finals?

Only time will tell with Luka, but he is a gifted basketball player destined for great things.

Do you think Luka is the next BIG star in the NBA?

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