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Ed Orgeron said in a teleconference on Tuesday, “I think most – not all of our players – but most of our players have caught it.”

Orgeron also stated, “So I think hopefully they don’t catch it again and hopefully they’re not out for games.”

What the hell is going on in Louisiana that practically a whole football team can catch Covid-19?

The team reported a spike of 30 or more cases in June, and a few more cases were reported throughout the summer.

Orgeron did not reveal what led to the outbreak, but he was happy to report his team is doing better than ever now.

“We feel like we’re very healthy,” said Orgeron. “I do believe we have about three or four guys that have the COVID now, and not a lot of guys in quarantine. I think that we’re probably better off than we’ve been all camp right now going into the season.”

Ed Orgeron’s LSU Tigers open the season Sept.26 at home against Mississippi State.

“Obviously, we have to be really careful,” said Orgeron while discussing the players who have not caught the virus. “Our guys feel good.”

Orgeron does not know the percentage of his players that caught the virus, but he is hopeful that once you catch it you can’t catch it again.

He feels that most of the players that caught it will be eligible for games.

Ed Orgeron’s LSU Tigers are 2019 NCAA defending Champions and they are eager to defend their chip.

I would advise any team that has the LSU Tigers on their schedule to be extremely careful.

Source: USA Today

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