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‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’: Melody Calls Latisha To Address Wanda’s Remarks About Her Kids

This week, on “Love & Marriage: Huntsville,” Melody Holt gives Latisha Scott a call to discuss the remarks Wanda made about her children’s hair online.

You may recall, things went completely left at Jaylin’s celebration dinner when Martell Holt and Wanda had an explosive verbal altercation outside of the venue over her remarks about his children.

Watch the moment below…

In case you missed it, Wanda basically said the Holt’s children would be hating on Latisha’s kids because they have longer hair or because they have a “pretty face.”

Melody took a more reasonable approach with addressing the situation with Latisha. But, as expected, no accountability took place.

Watch the first look clip below.

Be sure to tune in to “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” this Saturday, March 6 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on OWN to see what happens next.

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