'Love & Marriage DC': Ashley and Erana React To The News Of Winter Dropping A Song About Them Called ‘Gutter Barbies’

In Season 2, Episode 2 of “Love & Marriage DC,” Ashley Silva and Erana Tyler find out from their friend, Sherrell Duncan, that Winter Williams is planning to drop a song about them called, “Gutter Barbies.”

Sherrell came to Ashley’s Think Pink event to spill the beans on Winter’s diss song disguised as an ode to Ashley and Erana.

Ashley and Erana felt Sherrell is playing both sides in the situation because her husband is the song’s producer and writer.

Sherrell’s husband, Alfred Duncan, also produced Winter’s song, “Sign My Papers,” which was inspired by the following scene from the first season of “Love & Marriage DC:”

Listen to Winter’s song “Sign My Papers” below:

Sherrell claims her husband doesn’t write diss tracks, but she hasn’t heard the “Gutter Barbie” lyrics.

She said Winter wants to meet with Erana and Ashley to discuss things before the song is released to somewhat clear the air.

Ashley declined the invitation to meet with Winter, but Erana excepted because she wanted to get to the bottom of Winter’s claims that she has receipts on her family.

Sherrell attempted to justify her position in the situation by giving a passionate speech about cultivating friendships.

But this the thing!… 

I don’t have a problem with Winter. 

Because I just don’t.

But also, another thing is, that’s why I needed to have a conversation with Ash because cultivating friendships…

I don’t f***ing play about friendships!

I don’t so this fake sh*t!

Oh, who’s popular?… Who’s this?… I don’t give a f*** about none of that, none of that sh*t matters to me.

It has never mattered to me. What matters to me is who’s f***ing down for me, who I’m down for, who I love, and who I care about.

Period!… That’s it!.. That’s all I care about.

Watch the clip from “L&MDC” below:

Alfred and Sherelle Duncan recently spoke with “FOX5 Washington DC” about joining the cast of “Love &. Marriage DC:”

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