Love & Hip Hop Family Reunion 3: Tokyo Vanity Goes Off On Karlie Redd

In Season 3, Episode 2 of “Love & Hip Hop Family Reunion,” Tokyo Vanity went slap off on Karlie Redd.

Tokyo arrived at the family reunion in Jamaica on day 2, and she was caught off guard by Karlie’s energy because she thought she and Karlie were in a good place since they had a friendly encounter before being in Jamaica.

After her arrival, Karlie approached Tokyo with some weird energy and told her that they need to talk, but she waited until that night to make what should’ve been a private conversation a public conversation.

Watch the video clip from “Love & Hip Hop Family Reunion” below:

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Tokyo Vanity also has history with Spice that involves Karlie Redd from LHHATL season 7, episode 12.

Tokyo and Spice were dating the same guy, and Karlie Redd told Spice that Tokyo was talking trash about her.

In an effort to make peace between Spice and Tokyo, Mimi Faust and Sierre Gates had them meet to talk things out since they would be filming together during the season.

That meeting did not go well. Watch the clips below:

Tokyo and Spice both recently responded to the rehashed clip above on Instagram.

Spice and Tokyo continued to push each other’s buttons later in the episode.

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