Listen: Yael Hilton Releases New Single ‘Jesus’

Yael Hilton Releases New Single ‘Jesus’

Yael Hilton has released her brand new single, “Jesus,” to feed your soul. 

The Light Records/MNRK Music Group songbird has “no doubt in her mind” that Jesus will make a way. 

Yael Hilton, a North Carolina native, has touched the lives of many people both young and old. 

Many have turned their lives over to Christ from listening to Yael’s songs and watching her videos on social media. 

Many testify to being healed, delivered, and set free through the anointing over her life. 

Yael has been singing since the age of four and later received the gift of salvation at the age of 14. 

She is the Minister of Music at the Fayetteville Deliverance Evangelistic Center. 

Her music ministry has afforded her great opportunities to travel across the United States spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. 

Listen to the “Jesus” below. 

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