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J. Cole has released a new song in these perilous times titled, “Snow On Tha Bluff.”

On the first listen, it was obvious the beloved Grammy Award-winning rapper has been deep in this thoughts as seemingly addresses the criticisms of Chicago rapper NoName.

Last month, she took to Twitter and collectively blasted popular rappers who were not using their platforms for change.

Poor black folks all over the country are putting their bodies on the line in protest for our collective safety and y’all favorite top selling rappers not even willing to put a tweet up. N***as whole discographies be about black plight and they no where to be found.

Apparently, J. Cole caught one of the Twitter bullets NoName shot that day and now we have a song about it.

Lyric Excerpt:

I struggle with thoughts on the daily
Feel like a slave that somehow done saved enough coins to buy his way up outta slavery
Thinkin’ just maybe, in my pursuit to make life so much better for me and my babies
I done betrayed the very same people that look at me like I’m some kind of a hero
Because of the zeros that’s next to the commas
But look here, I promise I’m not who you think
Ran into this n***a outside of the store yesterday
He said something that had me like “Wait”
He was like “Cole, ‘preciate what you been doin my n***a, that’s real”
But damn, why I feel faker than Snow on Tha Bluff?
Well maybe ’cause deep down I know I ain’t doing enough

Listen Below:

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