Lil Scrappy went live on social media while he was at the dentist’s office heavily medicated, and the video is hilarious.

In the caption, Scrappy said that he hates oral pain so he had to get geeked.

I’m on all legal drugs so to say , but it was all Soni wouldn’t go through pain I hate the dentist and I hate oral pain so I had to get geeked

At the beginning of the video, he is responding to comments while he’s on oxygen.

Then, he starts making crazy sounds, and he starts singing a song about a blunt.

Lil Scrappy gets excited when the doctor changes out the oxygen for the nitrous oxide.

While under the nitrous, he talks about wanting to be an astronaut and someone coming to fight him while he is sedated in the chair.

Watch the video below:

I wonder if Bambi approved this post.

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