Lil Durk is in love and he’s not keeping it a secret from anyone.

He recently posted a pic of his woman India Royale (aka India Cox), along with a caption letting everyone know it’s real.

 I don’t drink liquor but I’ll drink that bath water @indiaroyale ????????????… we not goals we just in love

See the original post below:

India is the mother of Durk’s youngest daughter, Willow.

Lil Durk and India were recently victims of a home invasion, and both of them reportedly exchanged gunfire with the intruders.

Thankfully, no one was injured.

Once the story got out, many people on social media referenced the couple as “relationship goals” because of the way they had each other’s back and instinctively engaged in a shoot-out with intruders.

Hence, Durk stating in his post, “we not goals we just in love.”

He is implying that if you love someone you do whatever it takes to protect that person.

Reportedly, Durk and India have been engaged since September 2018.

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