Lil Boosie is heartbroken over losing his Instagram account and he is now pleading with Mark Zuckerberg to reinstate it.

With all sincerity, Boosie posted a video saying:

Mark ‘Zuckenberger’, this Boosie man. Put my Instagram back on. I don’t know what I did, mane. Don’t do this to 2020. I’m on my Only Fans live right now. Mark ‘Zuckenberger,’ hit me up man.

You cannot do this to Instagram in 2020! Whatever I did – my bad. I don’t even know what I did! Mark ‘Zuckerberger,’ hit me right now!

Watch below:

In another video, Boosie said, “This is how I feed my family! We need to talk.”

Watch below:

If you’re familiar with the rapper’s Instagram page, the ban will come as no surprise to you.

Nothing was off-limits – from his extremely vulgar and troubling rants to women performing sexual acts – I’m surprised it took this long for his page to be shut down.

The controversial rapper is now trending on social media.

Peep the tweets:

When I lost my IG, Mark ain’t call me back.

So, Godspeed to Lil Boosie with this mission.