Lil Boosie took to the streets of Instagram to advocate for C-Murder by calling on Vice President Kamala Harris to step in and do something. 

C-Murder, real name Corey Miller, was sentenced to life in prison on August 14, 2009, for the 2002 beating and fatal shooting of 16-year-old Steve Thomas at the Platinum Club.

Corey is currently staging a hunger strike to protest the lack of protection against COVID-19 as well as the medical neglect of terminally ill prisoners at the Elayn Hunt Correctional Center.

In his effort to support his friend, Boosie is now calling on “Camilla Harris” to help.

Lil Boosie said:

I’m reaching out to the Vice President of the country Ms. Kamala Harris. I’m reaching out because you seam to help Black people when they been injustice, wronged…

So, Kamala Harris I’m asking you to help my friend C-Murder. As president and Vice President I feel like you and Biden can do something about it. This man is innocent. He’s completely innocent. He was convicted because of his rap name and the success of No Limit Records.

So, this goes out to Kamala Harris. I need you to look into this and see this injustice and turn this around. 

This man got kids. It’s almost 20 years of his life that’s been taken away. 

So, I’m reaching out to Vice President Kamala Harris to look into the C-Murder situation. It’s sad, bro.

See the original video below. 

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