Larry Hoover Jr. said having Drake and Ye on the same stage would be like Michael Jackson and Prince on the same stage.

Larry Jr. wants Drake to join Ye for a benefit concert on December 7 to support the release of his father Larry Hoover Sr, who qualifies to come home through The First Step Act.

Speaking with TMZ, he said:

Drake you’re a leader, and leaders make decisions that people follow.

Man, this would be big!

This is like Michael Jackson and Prince… the one we never seen.

And, it’s going to be a ripple effect.

We need togetherness and peace in this hip hop community.

Be the leader, and lead by example.

Come on and come together… put whatever y’all differences are down.

And I know you’re working at it, and I know it’s hard.

I’m a man, and I have an ego… and what have you.

But, egos causes problems.

So come on, let’s do this, let’s be bigger than that.

Larry Sr. was sentenced to 150-200 years for a 1973 murder, but there are many people, lobbying for his release, who feel he’s a changed man.

Larry Hoover Jr. said Drake told him and his mother that he is willing to help out however he can, but J.Prince is handling getting Drake to buy in to doing the benefit concert.

Watch the video below:

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Source: TMZ