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LaMelo Ball, the 3rd pick in the NBA Draft, purchased a VVS diamond grill from AP Jeweler so he can blind his haters when he smiles at them.

LaMelo Ball was drafted in November to the Charlotte Hornets, and the purchase came soon after he officially signed his NBA rookie contract.

LaMelo is not new to money at all, his father, Lavar Ball, has amassed wealth from playing in the NFL, creating a popular internet show “Ball In The Family“, to establishing his own brand and basketball league. He even gifted LaMelo with a Rolls Royce after the draft.

I believe the grill was something that LaMelo wanted for a long time, but his parents probably told him that’s something he needs to buy when he starts making his own money. So he did.

LaMelo is the youngest Ball brother, and they all will be playing in the NBA this season. Lonzo Ball will be playing for the New Orleans Pelicans, DiAngelo Ball will be suiting up with the Detroit Pistons, and LaMelo Ball will be playing for the Charlotte Hornets.

Shout out to Lavar Ball for getting all of his sons into the NBA!

What do you think of LaMelo Ball’s grill?