Lamar Odom took to the streets of social media to address reports claiming he is a deadbeat dad.

The former NBA star is facing a new lawsuit from Liza Morales, the mother of his two children.

Liza is facing eviction from her fancy Manhattan apartment because she says Lamar Odom refuses to pay his child support.

In her suit, Liza claims Lamar has violated their 2015 agreement of $6,000 a month in child support along with college fees.

He is also supposed to pay the premium on a $9 life insurance policy. But, Lamar has allegedly been delinquent.

Lamar took to Instagram to refute the claims saying he refuses to allow his bitter [baby mama] slander his name.

Lammy also noted that his children are grown.

#LizaMorales anything for clout ????????‍♂️

I had no plans on addressing this but I can’t keep letting bitter women slander my name.

I have taken care of Liza and my children their entire lives. My children are adults. I have paid child support for CHILDREN on time monthly for the past 18 years. My CHILDREN are ADULTS.

I am saddened that in the past 15 years that Liza has not taken the initiative to get a job and create a source of income for herself aside from my monthly payment of child support. She is smart, able and capable of working to support the lavish lifestyle she wants to live.

I love my adult children and I will support them and their dreams in every way possible. I pray that Liza finds healing and gets to a place of independence.

I am no longer shamed by my past mistakes. I own who I am and with a clear mind and conscience I will present my case in court.

Life is too short and uncertain for this. Lets all work on being our best selves.
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See Lamar’s original post below.

Now, Child Support isn’t my ministry, but based on my own experience, I can tell Lamar Odom that children don’t age out of arrears.