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Brooklyn Nets baller Kyrie Irving has been fined $50,000 for violating the NBA health and safety protocols.

The NBA found evidence of Kyrie violating the H&S protocols while investigating video of Irving attending a private birthday party for his sister earlier this week.

The video shows a maskless Kyrie enjoying himself at a family celebration.

The NBA rule prohibits players from attending indoor events exceeding 15 people. The NBA fined Kyrie on Friday

He will also forfeit 2 game checks, totaling $816,898, from the 2 games he missed after the party, according to NBA insider Bobby Marks.

Damn! Kyrie makes $408,449 per game?…

Kyrie has been problematic for the Nets organization recently, he was fined $25k for refusing to speak to the media earlier this season, and last week he requested time off for “personal reasons.”

Hopefully, the acquisition of James Harden, this week, will motivate him to get back on the right track and re-focus on bringing a chip to the city of Brooklyn.

I thought Kyrie playing with his good friend Kevin Durant this year would temper some of his shenanigans, but obviously, I was wrong.

Kyrie will be cleared to return to the Brooklyn Nets on Saturday, pending he continues to test negative for COVID.

Source: TMZ

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