Can We Interest You In Some Kraft Mac And Cheese Ice Cream?

Kraft mac and cheese ice cream probably sounds disgusting to most people. But Kraft and Van Leeuwen teamed up to create the limited-edition flavor, and it was an instant hit.

Reportedly, the mac and cheese ice cream flavor sold out in 60 minutes, the website crashed within 9 minutes, and the 2000 pint inventory was sold out in an hour.

The new flavor launched on Wednesday in honor of National Mac & Cheese Day.

The ice cream was also available at Van Leeuwen’s ice cream shops nationwide. Reportedly, they sold 9,000 scoops in 3 hours.

“Holes” star Khloe Thomas shared his reaction to the new flavor on his IG account.

According to Khloe, “they nailed the flavor!”

A pint of the Kraft mac & cheese ice cream will cost you $12.

For those interesting in trying the mac and cheese ice cream, Kraft is launching an online sweepstakes for a lucky winner to win 2 free pints.

I think I will stick with pistachio.

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Source: TMZ

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