Kountry Wayne To Release ‘Drip & Zay’ EP With Zaytoven

Comedian Kountry Wayne has announced his plans to release Drip & Zay, an EP collaboration with famed Atlanta producer, Zaytoven.

The EP is slated to be released on Friday (October 1).

Kountry Wayne aka Wayne Colley is known for playing multiple characters in his popular online skits.

“Drip,” a dope boy turned rapper from the streets of Atlanta, is one of those characters.

Scoop a couple of Drip’s skits below:

The production quality of Kountry Wayne’s skits are amazing and the storylines are realistic.

He puts me in the mind frame of Martin Lawrence with the multiple characters he plays.

Follow his IG page for more skits, and support that Drip EP when it drops tomorrow.

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