Kountry Wayne on The Breakfast Club 7 kids by age 22
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Kountry Wayne has a total of 10 children, but he recently revealed on “The Breakfast Club” that he had seven of them by the age of 22.

The comedian and actor also said that he bought homes for all of his children’s mothers near him and they have now created a “village.”

Yeah, but I had seven kids by the time I was 22.

So you gotta think about it, I only had three by the time from 22 to 35.

…Only three, man!

Coming from where I come from, from the country, that was the minimum, like, kids was not a big… You know, from the country, having a lot of kids, we had big families.

And to be honest, I always wanted to have a lot of kids.

Now it would’ve probably been easier if it would’ve been with one woman, but, you know, it worked out in the in, and my book talk about that.

Um, all the mothers of my kids they stay right around me. We all a family. They got keys to my house, all the kids stay there, they all got a room at my house.

So it became like a village, and it’s love, you know what I’m saying?… Like, this kid will go to this mother’s house, I don’t even know about it.

The baby mamas they correlate the kids… even when they, um, into it and don’t like each other, the kids will be in Panama City with one of the other ones.

And they all just a family. They pop up at each other’s house. It’s a beautiful thing, it turned out to be beautiful, but it didn’t… that’s why it didn’t have to be that way, but that’s what the book talks about.

How do you get things when it’s your negative world that you created this mess and then it turns out so beautiful in the end. It’s like a painting on a wall, and, um, that’s what Help Is on the Way is all about.

DJ Envy challenged Wayne to give the full name of all his kids and their birthdays, and he did with some slight hesitation on the birth years of a few.

Wayne said his five baby mamas lived in the same neighborhood right beside each other until one moved back to Kansas City.

Kiyomi moved back to Kansas City. I moved her mom to Atlanta, but it was hard for her because she didn’t have no support so she just moved back to Kansas City.

But, everybody, all the rest of us everybody stay right beside each other.

Even one of my daughters her mom, I got her mom a place she don’t even be at her mom house she be at my house all the time.

…I had to. In order to be gone because what I realized you’re gonna have to hire a babysitter.

When you do the math, and you do taxes… now they all got W9 forms too now, you know what I’m saying?… 1099s…

Because you know they… taxes is going… you gotta think about it, the way taxes set up it ain’t no way to really dodge it the only thing they don’t question is giving people money.

So, you might as well live good within the system, because they going to tax it anyway.

So, it’s like, so okay, this make my life easier… I’m gonna have to get a nanny anyway, and a nanny gonna cost you about 40 grand a year.

So I just pay everybody out of it, and, um, and the moms and everybody, and the children they respect you more when the moms are living the same way you living.

Because I felt that from my kids, like, a child won’t tell you till they get older, and I just felt like their moms had to live a certain level too.

It made them happier because now their moms got a nice car… it’s just one big family.

And the moms get in the skits for free though.

I don’t pay nobody to get in the skits.

I monetize everybody. I got to!.. Kids, moms, everybody… the family they get a salary so when they get in the skits they don’t get paid. Now the cast, they get paid everybody get a check.

But, you know it turned out to be a beautiful thing, but I wouldn’t advise nobody to go that route.

…My intentions were good I didn’t mean to separate those women like that I just ended up having those kids and I had to stand up on that responsibility.

And, it turned out to be beautiful in the end…

Kountry Wayne came on the show to promote his new book “Help Is on the Way.”

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He also mentioned that he has a one-hour Netflix special coming.

Watch the clip of the Kountry Wayne interview from “The Breakfast Club” below:

During the interview, Kountry Wayne said no woman he ever dated has ever left him, but his ex Jess Hilarious appeared on “The Breakfast Club” that same day and said that Wayne lied because she broke up with him.

We wish Kountry Wayne all the best in his future endeavors.

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