Kodak Black recently said in a video, while holding his daughter, that Donald Trump needs to be the President forever.

Shout out that boy Trump, mane. 

Love you, uncle Trump.

Trump 2024, you heard me?

We need Trump in office forever, mane.

We need Trump to just rock out.

Trump the best thing for America, you heard me?

Fasho!… Trump the best thing for America, mane.

I respect that boy logic, his whole lil set up, his whole run down.

Even if he didn’t free me, like, Trump just that G.O.A.T.

And if Trump was in office he would’ve went to go get Brittney already.

Watch the video below courtesy of akademiks:

It appears Donald Trump made a forever friend when he pardoned Kodak Black on his last full day in office (January 19, 2021).

Your thoughts?