Kirk Franklin The Breakfast Club Suicide Erectile Dysfunction

Kirk Franklin and his beautiful wife Tammy were asked a question about erectile dysfunction on “The Breakfast Club,” and Kirk’s response has Instagram commenters upset.

DJ Envy asked Tammy Franklin:

You’re married to Kirk Franklin… Great guy!…

Great guy, treats you well, but he has ED.

Can’t get it up, y’all can’t have sex.

Kirk didn’t even give his wife a chance to answer before he interjected with:

Oh, imma answer that… Imma commit suicide.

Kirk’s shocking response was in a joking manner, but it left many people wondering why a man of God would joke about something as serious as suicide.

Watch the clip of the Kirk and Tammy Franklin interview from “The Breakfast Club” below:

The comment section was filled with mixed reactions to the clip. 

One person commented, “Irresponsible for Kirk to say that.” 

Someone else commented, “As a Christian man that’s his response? Smhhh”

There were a few folks who came to Kirk Franklin’s defense. 

“The man is a Christian, not God! Y’all real perfect in these comments,” someone wrote.

It’s ironic that Kirk Franklin would use that language, even in a joking manner, when he was so vocal about checking on the mental health of others after the death of Stephen “tWitch” Boss.

The Gospel artist took to social media and told his 2.7 million followers:

I’m going to tell you what really helps me.

The community that I have around me that knows what I go through and have always been there for me, they check on me.

They want to see how I’m doing during the holidays, and they asked me real questions.

Don’t be afraid to be intrusive; get on their nerves.

Ask them how they’re doing. Ask them about their thoughts; ask them about what they’re thinking.

It’s a beautiful thing when people get on my nerves.

Get on somebody’s nerves today, check in on them, see how they’re doing.

It makes a difference that you cannot imagine … let’s keep holding each other up, we’re all we’ve got.

See the original post below. 

In a world where people are suffering when it comes to their mental health, Kirk Franklin’s words on “The Breakfast Club,” were irresponsible. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if he issues an apology soon.

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