Kirk Franklin driver offers a stepping stool

Kirk Franklin took to social media to share how a kind gesture from his driver left him feeling some type of way.

The pint-sized Gospel great was headed back to his hotel and when he approached the SUV the driver informed him that he had placed a stepping stool down to assist Kirk with getting in the vehicle.

In the hilarious clip posted via Instagram, Kirk said, “So, I’m getting ready to head to the hotel and I was trying to get into the truck and I noticed there was a little height for me. I don’t even know this driver…but this negro says, ‘I got a stepping stool’…and he grinning!

He had the audacity to pull this out so that I can get into this car,” Kirk said while pointing at the stool.

Kirk jokingly admitted, “Boy, I’m trying to keep it together. Cause you know I love Jesus, but every now and then…

The “Kingdom” singer removed the step stool and tried to hop into the SUV. 

He made it in on his second attempt! 

Like a true man of God, Kirk Franklin used his experience as an opportunity to teach.

He wrote in the caption of his post:

Some of you can be so prideful that you don’t allow others to give you a step up when they see life has cut you short… humble yourself so you don’t slide out of the vehicles sent to take you to your next season.

Oh I feel a word right now! To go high sometimes you gotta get low. Jump up and Be Blessed😇.

See Kirk’s original post below.

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Kirk’s son, Caziah Franklin, slid into the comments and asked, “Why are you dressed like a colorful Alaskan?

It be your own children!

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