It’s with a heavy heart that I report King Hill, the missing 2-year-old who was last seen on July 5, has been murdered.

Police have charged King’s babysitter, 24-year-old Tianna Parks, with the child’s murder. 

An investigation uncovered cellphone video that confirmed the child was killed well before he was even reported missing. 

Tianna Parks faces numerous charges, including murder and abuse of a corpse.

King Hill’s body is still missing.

Philadelphia Police Capt. Jason Smith said:

Witness testimony, phone data, call detail records, call logs, video evidence. The fact that she just kept trying to deceive our investigators and lead us into a different direction. All those inconsistencies in her statement, it all added up.

It was King’s stepfather, Marvin Reese, who put in him Tianna Parks’ care. 

He told police Tianna was a friend, who helped babysit King in the past. 

Marvin said King had been in Tianna’s care for about two weeks before he was reported missing. 

Parks lied and told police she had returned King to his mother. 

His mother, Amber Hill, said that never happened and she did not know Parks at all.

King Hill was last seen alive on July 5. He was reported missing on July 8.

Anthony Voci, chief of the Homicide Unit with the District Attorney’s Office said:

We don’t right now have the mechanism of King Hill’s death, we don’t know the date of his death, we don’t know the location of his death, nor do we know where Ms. Parks disposed of his body. But we know, based on the evidence, that we have that he was in fact killed by Ms. Parks.

If you have any information regarding this case, please contact the Philly police.

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Source: CBS Philly