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Kimberly Elise celebrated her 54th birthday in the most beautiful and meaningful way…she got baptized.

The actress shared her journey in a lengthy message:

Today is my birthday. I mean that literally, 54 years ago my mother gave birth to me after a long, hard labor (thank you Mom) . And spiritually, YHWH has given me a new birth. Though I was first baptized when I was 16 years old and it was beautiful and powerful as the Holy Spirit filled me, there is something extraordinarily profound to so consciously give one’s life to the Lord at my age.

After I was baptized at 16 I, like many #Christian teens, wandered back into the world. But the Holy Spirit never left me????????❤️. Though I didn’t always make the best choices over all these years, the Holy Spirit kept a hedge of protection around me to keep me from falling too, too far astray. And God continously blessed me greatly in spite of my errors (He will achieve His purpose no matter what!) In 2019, YHWH said enough wandering daughter time to come home, and Jesus rescued me.

I very consciously rededicated and gave my life to Jesus in 2019 and haven’t looked back. Since that time, the Holy Spirit has done a fast and deep work on me – I had a lot of catching up to do! 

Today, on my birthday, I was baptized again – this time fully aware and understanding what I was doing and of the promise I’ve made to the Lord.

So, all these years later, He has wiped the slate, restored what the locus ate and made me like 16 again. Hallelujah! 

God is faithful and true. Though we may stray, He is long suffering and gives us many chances to come home. I am so grateful I took His offer and I’m so grateful to have such a loving, forgiving Savior as Yahshua Hamashiach.

If you don’t know Jesus, seek Him before it’s too late and there are no more chances, believe, repent and surrender to Him. If you knew Him once but lost your way, repent, call out to Him—He wants you to come home too.

Thank you Jesus❤

Thank you for having been on this journey home with me. You all taught so much about what God’s love in this world looks like:
Mom and Dad

I love you.


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Congratulations and Happiest Birthday, Kimberly Elise!