All the single ladies…put ya hands up! Kim Kardashian has been declared legally single by a Los Angeles judge on Wednesday (March 2), just over a year after she filed for divorce.

Kim filed for divorce from Kanye West on February 19, 2021, after seven years of marriage and four children.

The judge granted Kim’s request to split her divorce into two parts, immediately ending her marriage and deferring assets and custody issues to future proceedings.

Kim attended the hearing via video conference and was represented by her lawyer Laura Wasser.

Kanye did not attend the hearing, but he was represented by Hollywood family attorney, Samantha Spector.

Attorney Spector was hired a day before the hearing after Kanye fired attorney Chris Melcher.

Spector recently represented Dr. Dre’s wife, Nicole Young, in her divorce from the music mogul.

Kanye objected to the two-part divorce plan last month, saying that it would create a “risk of adverse consequences.”

He requested several changes, including restrictions on what would happen if Kim quickly remarried.

Judge Cochran granted Kanye’s request concerning what would happen if he or Kim dies prior to the divorce being finalized, but he denied two other requests, including restrictions on Kim if she remarries.

The ruling means that Kim’s legal name will immediately revert from “Kardashian West” to “Kardashian.”

Only time will tell if this ruling will stop Kanye’s online trolling.

Judging by The Game’s recent video release, which features a claymation of Kanye West kidnapping and burying Pete Davidson to grow flowers…I doubt it.

Watch the video clip below:

The next hearing in the case is scheduled for August.

Source: Billboard